NOSTALGIA SKATEBOARDS was founded by Michael Grausam in 2017 with the purpose of creating a 100% independent brand trying to support friends & talented underground rippers – read the full story in below’s timeline.
To make it short:

2013, December 13 – Premiere of our very first full length video called NOSTALGIA.

2016, March 4 – Premiere of our 2nd full length NOSTALGIA 2.

2016, July 2 – launching our website www.nostalgiaskateboarding.com

2017, February 8 – after our 2nd full length we decided to start a board brand – on the 8th of February we introduced our very first NOSTALGIA boards, LOSCHKA helped us out with the first designs and is still the main head for most of the artworks – NOSTALGIA SKATEBOARDS was born!

2017, February 9 – selling the very first NOSTALGIA board through our online shop – this felt really special!

2017, November 21 – additionally to our Nostalgia Boards and Apparel we extended our portfolio with Spitfire Wheels, Thunder Trucks & The Elders Hardware.

2017, November 24 – Premiere of our 3rd full length NOSTALGIA 3 in Linz.

2017, December 2 – Premiere of our 3rd full length NOSTALGIA 3 in Vienna.

2018, February 9 – moving the headquarter from Linz to Pichl bei Wels.

2018, April 14 – we organized a BIG PARTY in the Linzer Kapu called “NOSTALGIA MILLENNIUM PARTY” – crazy night dedicated to skateboardings golden area of the 2000’s – EPIC NIGHT!

2018, July 19 – we run out of 8.38 inch boards so we asked our friends at CONFUS SKATEBOARDS to help us out – another Skater owned and operated brand was welcomed to our online shop.

2019, March 24 – our very first board collaboration with an underground label from Vienna called SUBSTEEZ.

2019, July 24 – extending our portfolio with Independent Trucks, Bones Wheels and Bronson Speed Co. Bearings.

2019,  September 20 – welcoming another Skater owned and operated brand – DEAF CHIPS SKATEBOARDS from Bozen, Italy.

2019, September 30 – welcoming STUNTWOOD SKATEBOARDS from Tyrol – of course STUNTWOOD SKATEBOARDS is Skater owned and operated.

2019, November 13 – introducing STATE FOOTWEAR from San Diego, California – as you might know this company is also Skater owned and operated.

2020 – NOSTALGIA 4? In the meantime watch our THROWBACK PROMO below with good stuff from the last years!

As you can see the portfolio is getting bigger and bigger and nostalgiaskateboarding.com turned into a SKATESHOP with fine selected stuff, on the other side all this actions were necessary to cover the extremely high costs of running such a small brand like NOSTALGIA SKATEBOARDS truly is.

NOSTALGIA SKATEBOARDS – when I think of all the good times…