A full-length skateboarding film entirely filmed in Barcelona, Spain.

Directed, Filmed & Edited by Nigel Gavus.

Fred Plocque-Santos, Sixsas, Dani Quintero, Yeray Escobar, Filoco, Mathias Torres, Mario Cano, Briahan Londono, Titi Gormit, Alex Richard, Kevin Besset, Stive & Johannes, Malcolm, Jaque Duchesne, Turtle Productions, Justin Wagener.

ATCQ (Tribe Vibes) – Remember Who You Are
Vintage UI – Tonight
BBNG – Since You Asked Kindly
Saâda Bonaire – You Could Be More As You Are
Blerta – Bankman (Rare New Zealand Psych Funk)

This is a non-profit skateboarding video.
I do not own the music.
The music belongs to their respective owners.
Please support the artists by buying their albums.

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